Spring in South Texas

Photo by Hud


Springtime is here with all its charm! No matter where one lives, flowers bloom forth in glorious color arrays. On the way to South Texas and family for Easter, lush fields of azure bluebonnets, Indian paintbrushes of crimson, wild yellow mustard and gentian colored phlox float past our windows bidding us to pause in our much too hurried journey. With other travelers, we take timeless pictures of scenes waning all too soon like the clouds passing but once. Every Texan, new or native, lives all year for April and the blanketed fields that affirm, “This is your home! Tejas, the friendly land is alive again.”

I love my husband’s family. They treat everyone like one of them. At Sis’s house all of the relatives young and old gather on the day before Easter. Mothers with children gather around a long table filled with dozens of real boiled eggs and every imaginable dye in cups. The kids love all the tricks like writing names on the shells with a white or clear wax crayon so that shells magically turn beautiful blues, purples, oranges and greens, but names show up clear and bright because the wax keeps it so. Then there are the really clever creations mixed with colors beyond our wildest imagination. Mary and Sis present pretty prize bags full of chocolate bunnies and whatever is new so that nearly every child gets something.

The next day all dress to worship together. The choir lifts voices in a cantata that fills our hearts with wonder and hope for the resurrection. Cousin Don speaks in contrasted meaningful and comical notes, as is his nature. Then everyone proceeds to his and Jamie’s for a scrumptious dinner of ham, brisket and sausage followed by the proverbial Easter egg hunt. Cascarones, eggs full of confetti , are broken on all heads for good luck, outside if you please. Somehow there’s still plenty of confetti that makes its way to the floor inside.

Next, it is time for the first born gift shower. For years now there have been new babies around to receive the congratulations and rewards of a large and loving family. Just wonder who will have next year’s baby?

From BJ: May your family be as blessed as ours.

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  1. Cousin ng
    Apr 09, 2010 @ 12:03:16

    Or who will be the next wedded couple?


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