Kate, I Hope You Dance

Kate Gosselin, I Hope You Dance! You and Toni Dovolni ROCK!

Kate-Promo picture for DWTS

Enough. This media Hate-Kate stuff bores me. Who made them god to judge? 

“Might as well, can’t dance,” our mantra in the Bible Belt where I grew up. Then my son married a Czech-American girl. The mantra in their town, “Polka ‘til you drop!” Two weeks before my daughter-in-law’s brother married, I took my first polka lesson, hoping to “polka ‘til I dropped.”

Two weeks later, I held on so tight, I nearly tore the arm off the only gentleman who asked me to dance. But I was hooked. A move to the mountains of North Carolina where ballroom dance is king And queen changed my life. Soon I was dancing three to five nights a week and feeling ecstatic.

“Center of gravity,” “frame light,” “little steps…little steps” “head high, boobs up” “suede soles,” “glitzy gowns,” Wow! No one, no one can know what is required of ballroom dancing until–they dance ballroom. It looks so glamorous. It is so much work! Yet, the best aerobic and psychic booster.

Ballroom dancing takes old women from sick beds of depression to life again. Ballroom dancing lets young men and women feel like stars, and older men and women feel young again.

How many of us get to dance like we were born to it? Mastering it takes months, years of discipline and commitment. Kate did well. To come from a novice in this amount of time?…Of course, she looked uncomfortable. She was. Only a very special coach waltzed her past the first night on Dancing With the Stars. They both have my greatest respect.

Toni Dovolni, you are the best. Kate, I hope you keep dancing…dance with your kids…Bon Voyage.

From BJ to Kate and Toni.

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  1. Hud
    Apr 21, 2010 @ 20:41:01

    The last dance I attempted was at a sock hop in the Texas Tech Coliseum where we all bounced around to the lyrics of The Kingsmen. Put me in the middle linebacker position against a powerful backfield of running backs and, boy, could I move up and down the line stopping the runs! The dance floor was something else! The young lady I escorted could dance. She loved to dance. And the closer we got to the coliseum the more excited she was about dancing. The more concerned I became. Inside The Kingsmen played their signature Loui Loui. She pulled my hand to go to the dance floor with thousands of others students bopping around. I told her, “Look I can’t dance a lick.” She laughed and said anybody could dance. So I tried. We bounced around a bit to the electric guitars and the banging drums and she stopped right in the middle of the dance. With hands on her hips she declared, “You really can’t dance, can you?” So I gave her leave to dance with whomever. We had a great time – me talking football with my buddies, she dancing with whomever and sometimes just by herself. Back at the dorm, we said our goodbyes and I turned and ran full blast all the way back to Sneed Hall where I roomed. As Hud sees it, some people were made for dancing and some people were made for stopping running backs. I seem to have been fully qualified for the latter. But I married a woman who loves to dance. So far Mimi has been content to dance at home. And, as Hud sees it, this suits him just fine.


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