Writing is my bag; teaching it was my livelihood: all levels from preschool to post graduate. Three days before my last school year ended, my husband, having an awesome writing journey, asked me to join him. I jumped at the chance, keeping my online University of Phoenix post, and embracing full time writing with only a little trepidation (smile).

The stories you find here are true. Some belong to my family. Others have shared theirs as well. I welcome yours. Let me know in the comments, and we will see about getting your fascinating stories included. Last names are not authentic and sometimes first names as well. This is done purposely to protect each from unwanted and inappropriate searches. Yet the stories are true. Some make us realize that “truth is certainly stranger than fiction.” Sometimes truth has a sad ending, sometimes a funny one, but it is all about family-the joys and challenges we face.

     Just being Mimi, like the grandmother before me, to my family, living in jeans feels great, sequestering for a while, until it becomes stifling. Then we burst out like butterflies from our cocoon looking for nectar. Sometimes that is having family in, visiting them or friends, going to a movie or symphony, or just enjoying a special restaurant. The analogy stops there for we are both soon in front of our computers seeking once more to share journeys with you.

     In our companion blogs, his (As Hud Sees It), we share our views, our stories and yours. For the past three years Hud diligently worked on a story that led him to become a historian and narrator for a PBS documentary due out late this year or early 2011. His in-depth research intrigued me, and I helped part time until it became my life too. This led us to write a book we hope to coincide with the release of the documentary. Stay tuned for the titles and release of each.

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