Mimi’s Special Breakfast

Fluffed Eggs-Mimi’s special breakfast:

Mimi's Fluffed Eggs

My Fluffed Egg

I can only remember my mom doing these a few times when I was young. We made lots of cinnamon toast, or just plain toast with all kinds of jellies that Mother made during the summer: watermelon rind preserves, tomato jelly, grape jelly and, especially, fig preserves. Daddy loved sweets.

Just for fun, I decided to try these fluffed eggs for Hud to see if he enjoyed them. Guess, I am a lot like Mother. The egg whites whipped up very fast and fluffed eggs are bound to be fun with the grandchildren once in a while. 🙂  My whites were a little brown by the time the yellow looked cooked, but Hud said it is a winner. Don’t forget to click on the recipe to enlarge it for reading. Make breakfast fun!

From Mimi to all of us.

Seven Minute Icing

Well, folks this is really “the icing on the cake.” Mother could whip this up so fast when Daddy came home from WWII. It takes a little more practice for me, and even though I am not a pro, it’s a lot of fun. Hud loves this cake just about as much as my daddy did. Though Hud may love coconut more, the pineapple cake icing Mother made had no coconut in it. Remember to click on the recipe to enlarge it. Enjoy!

My Grandmother's Seven Minute Icing

Pineapple Cake

Maybe Hud will forgive me for telling… Two pieces of this cake remained in the fridge when we decided to  diet several days ago. This morning I noticed the empty cake plate on the drain. I might cheat ” just a little” on my diet, but I did not eat a piece of that cake after the diet began…BJ, “Hud, did you throw that cake away?” Hud, “Are you kidding, waste that cake?”

From Mimi’s Cookbook to all of you from BJ.

Mimi’s Pineapple Cake

Mimi's Cookbook Cover

Home on furlough from WWII, our dad had his favorite pineapple cake every day. Even though little, my brother and I gave him lots of help when it came to eating. Mom too, she hoarded ration stamps to have enough sugar and pineapple for this grand visit.

Upon finding Mimi’s 1918 handwritten recipe book, I learned the recipe was hers. Here it is for all to enjoy.

Daddy’s Favorite


Daddy  wrote home about the pineapple cake often while he was serving in the Pacific during World War II. Mother saved her ration stamps for months. When it was almost time for Daddy’s furlough, Mother put my little brother in our red wagon. While she pulled, I traipsed as fast as my short legs could go all the way to the grocery store more than a mile away.

 Mr. Griswald was taken back when Mother asked for so much sugar and canned pineapple. He scratched his head and said, “I don’t know, Lela, that’s a lot of sugar and pineapple for one family.” Mother showed him the ration stamps. He looked up with a sheepish grin on his face, “Somebody mighty special must be coming home soon.” Mother beamed from ear to ear and reached to wipe away fresh tears, “You know it, Sal.” Mr. Griswald helped her load the wagon and get my little brother back in. Then we made the trip home.

 I remember the day Daddy walked up to the front screen. A beautiful pineapple cake sat waiting for him on the table. He let us help just a little bit, even though he had a terrible sweet tooth. Mother made sure that pineapple cake was ready every day until time for his leave to end. When today’s cake had only three or four pieces left, another one went into the oven. 

Story told to me many times by my mother. Click on the recipe to enlarge. Frosting tomorrow.

Cuisine-Mimi’s Cookbook

Photo by Hud

Mimi and the girls prepared simple meals on quilting days. Sometimes a neighbor like Mrs. Mehutki dropped in to help. She usually brought some of her special Finnish Butter Cookies. The butter cookies became a family favorite. They are so delicate and light, they just melt in your mouth.

The meal usually consisted of stew or soup, sometimes cornbread sandwiches or just plain cornbread and milk. Mimi’s family liked buttermilk. I’ve tried milk and cornbread. It is a long way from a favorite; the buttermilk and cornbread is completely distasteful. Maybe it was good to those who grew up not having all of the convenient snacks and sugar that spoil us so today. One thing for sure, no eating or drinking was allowed near that precious quilt being made for family or friends.

My mother’s 1917 Hoosier (a portable cabinet with separate flour and meal grinders)is a treasured appointment in our family dining area. A few years ago, one of the drawers just quit closing. After trying in every other way, I pulled the drawer all the way out. Behind it were two cookbooks which had been there, heaven only knows how long. One was a 1936 issue of the JR Watkins Cookbook which sold for a whopping one dollar. JR Watkins has graciously given consent to share their recipes. I will write more about them in later posts. The other was a 1918 handwritten cookbook kept by my Mimi. It cost her a buffalo nickel.

Leafing carefully through those pages soon to be one hundred years old, feelings of connection unknown before flooded my soul. The paper is very fragile. It is apparent that handling will cause disintegration rapidly. But there written in Mimi’s hand are recipes my mother prepared over and over. Since Mimi was gone before my memory, I never knew those recipes were from so long ago. I prepared some of them for my boys and then their families never knowing they were third generation, at least. Charles’ Kay and Chuck laughed at me about the Candlestick Salad, thinking it was too far out.

Keeping this precious book for posterity is a priority. Hud carefully scanned each page.

Poppy and Mimi used available commodities to care for their family. Many of the recipes seem strange to us today. However, I have to tell you that Green Tomato Pie is scrumptious if you like tart. Choosing tomatoes already white just before the pink starts yields a little less tartness. This was one of Mother’s specialties. 

A few recipes at the end of the collection were tucked into the back of the book by my mother. We included them simply because that is the way we found the book.

If you are part of my family, this is a treasure it warms my heart to share with you. If you are a friend, you are now part of our larger family and that makes the journey all the more special.

As soon as our brander helps, we will have Mimi’s Cookbook here for you to peruse.