Bullock: Blinded by Love

Hope Floats. Sandra, you float. The role that won Oscar for Best Actress stands eclipsed by the real life drama we watched since that auspicious night Sandra Bullock stood in shimmering gown holding the Hollywood honor of honors, husband Jesse James by her side. Walking the red carpet, glowing above the gown, smiling for photographers, we were awed.

Suddenly, the unthinkable: beauty, glamour, artistry, not enough. Just as suddenly disappearing from public eye, we wonder, “Is she living out the drama she played when a ludicrous scene in a movie gone by left her shocked before the world and bereft of will to rise?”

Not this Sandra, not this place, not this time. Blinded by love. The cries and giggles of  new life sustain her and move the mother protector inside. Not as though, she didn’t struggle. Together with Louis, her son, she will. She will rise and stand: compassion and dignity. No “Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song” for Sandra. Let the others play that tired song.

 Welcome, Sandra to new life. Welcome to new love.  Thank you for continued grace and style. Thank you for giving us the joy of sharing yours.

From BJ to Sandra.

Movies-Witness with Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis

 On his first trip to a city, a small Amish boy sees a murder that involves detectives. Detective John Book becomes his champion, hiding out in an Amish community. The Amish men raise a barn for a new couple soon to be married while the women quilt for the bride. This movie managed to incorporate tremendous action and perhaps the best vision of the Amish culture that has ever been filmed.  It is rated (R)for violence, partial nudity (Kelly McGillis takes a sponge bath.) and some profanity.

Here’s a YouTube link (G) that has the quilting in one of the clips: