OOooh! Look what I see!

The Swimming Hole

Summer’s about to fade. That is, I am hoping so.

Back in the days of my childhood, I was a very nice girl.

That is, most of the time. One of my best friends, Jill, lived out in the country with grandparents. Spending the night with Jill was one of my very favorite things to do. She had a twin brother named, of course, Bill. Bill and I never got to know each other very well. If you have read “A Rose…” below, you understand why. But most of all, we were both timid.

Jill also had lots of cousins, all boys, who came to stay for a short while and some who lived there with her grandparents for longer periods of time. Jill and I paid little attention to the boys, and they to us. We were in Junior High, and did not get wrapped up in the opposite sex as soon as young people today. Mostly, the girls did things together and the boys did things together.

One summer, there was a brother, Jack, and sister, Samantha, from Austin who came to spend the summer with their grandparents who lived not too far away from Jill’s. At some point one of the girls told me Jack had a crush on me. He was a year older, and I have to admit to being completely smashed, but too timid and shy to admit to it.

Time for school was drawing near, and that meant Jack and Samantha would be going back to Austin. All of the girls went home with Jill and me after church on Sunday. Jack joined Jill’s cousins and came too. After dinner the boys went off to the woods. We figured they would go across to Grady’s farm about two miles away.

We decided to go wading in the creek. The water was so cool it tickled our toes and refreshed us in spite of the hot Texas summer. As we went farther down the creek, we became more and more playful, splashing water on each other and soaking each other’s shorts and tops. About a half mile from the house, the water began to get deeper. Pretty soon, we came to a place where the creek widened and Jill warned us, “The water gets really deep around here, so be careful.” This was like her own personal swimming pool. Someone said, “Too bad we didn’t bring our bathing suits. Jill said, “Who needs bathing suits?” Everyone started giggling and splashing a lot more.

Jill went up on the creek bank, stripped and jumped in the water! We all stood aghast. She hit the water with a great big splash and said, “Try it, you’ll like it!”Well, one by one, each girl took her turn. Hitting that water was one huge shock. The water was so cold, the only way to survive was to stay in it. We splashed and laughed loudly just enjoying the chance to be cool.

Suddenly, it seemed that one of the laughs was way deeper than ours. We stopped and heard, “OOooh! Look what I see! Girlie panties! What is this dearie?” in falsetto while waving a bra. Up on the bank, the guys were holding our undies up as though modeling them. When they were sure they had our attention, they laughed until they almost split their sides. They started whistling, taunting us to come out. Several of us went under the water. Then the guys said, “Well since you girls don’t need these things, we’ll just be on our way.” Off they went with our undies.

We were so mad. Finally, Jill, the one who had to live with these ruffians said, “Oh, they wouldn’t do that. Grandma would kill them.” She climbed back up the bank and motioned for us to follow. There in the bushes at the other side of the bank were all our undies.

That night at church, I was too embarrassed to even look at any of the guys. One of the other girls kept smiling at Jack. Pretty soon, you guessed it, she had a new boyfriend.

So much, for my wild side. That, my children, was the first and last time I went skinny dipping. It is too bad that our world has changed so much that today’s children are not safe in an environment or fun activity such as the one I described above. We can laugh about yesterday, though.